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18 June 2019

Top 100 established artists


Throughout 2016 the InArt team supported by the Russian gallerists, collectors, curators and artists compiled a list of names that can be referred to contemporary artists.

As a result we have a list of about 1300 artists, which we keep permanently extended. The goal of this list is to include all names into a single database, thus creating an encyclopedia of Russian contemporary art. Further, we highlighted the living artists, about 800 names. The team of InArt filled in the questionnaire from the open sources (artist’s website, gallery, museum, publication in press, etc.)

In compliance with the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data  (No.152-FZ), the data of a person can be processed only with a person’s consent, that’s why all questionnaires were sent to artists (their contact information had been obtained previously) to verify the information and get the written consent for the data processing.

All received questionnaires were uploaded to the website and can be found in open access. The website is working in a test mode, when the website is filled out with content. 

Expert Council
Joseph Backstein
Art historian, director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Alisa Prudnikova
Comissar of Ural Biennale, acting Director of regional development of the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO
Nic Iljine
Leading world expert for museum planning, curator, art historian, publisher
Irina Filatova
Gallerist (Fine Art Gallery)
Irina Stepanova
Director of Sotheby’s auction house, Russia
Vladimir Dubossarsky
Margarita Pushkina
Collector, founder of Cosmoscow art fair
Alexander Ivlev
Executive partner of EY company in Russia
Viktoria Vanuria
Liza Savina
Curator, art dealer
Anna Davydova
Founding director of the School for art collectors and experts
Nikolay Palazhchenko
Curator, art dealer, art historian, founding member of the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center
Elena Panteleeva
Director of the Culture Project of the Skolkovo Innovation Center
Alexandra Sankova
Founding director of the Russian Museum of Design
Dmitry Butkevich
Radio presenter (‘Kommersant F’), art critic, art historian, curator
Alexandr Sharov
Galerist (11.12 gallery)
Olga Popova
Galerist (Pop/off/art gallery)
Sergey Popov
Galerist (Pop/off/art gallery)
Maria Nasimova
Head curator of Jewish Museum
Ksenia Podoynitsyna
Gallerist (Gallery 21), Founder of InArt project