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18 June 2019
Potapov Vladimir

Potapov Vladimir

43 Place in the rating "Top 100 Reputed Authors"

6 Place in the rating "Top 15 sales of young authors"

About the artist
Institute of Arts named after Serebryakov (2000-2001)
Workshop of the artist B.Makhov (2001-2008)
Institute for Contemporary Arts (2009-2010)
‘Free Workshops’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2010-2011)
Open School ‘MediaArtlab’ (2013)
Grants and Awards
Shortlist of the award of Kuryokhin in the nomination ‘The best work of visual art’ (2016)
Finalist of the international competition Portrait Now! Named after Jakob Christian Jacobsen (2015)
Nominee of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination ‘Young Artist of the Year’ (2014)
‘Manifestation’ is the best exhibition of 2014 at the choice of readers of the portal (2014)
The exhibition ‘From memory’ - the best exhibition of 2015 according to (2015)
Finalist of the STARTINART competition (2014)
Long-list of the competition of young curators MCI ‘Garage’ (2014)
1st place in the competition ‘Monument to the Moscow Tsars’ (2013)
Nominee STRABAG Art Award International, (2013)
2nd place in the competition ‘Riot of colors’ (2013)
Finalist of the international competition Portret Now! them. Jacob Christian Yakobsen (2013)
1st place of the festival RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009, International Painting Competition (2009)
Art Techniques
Exhibition Record
Solo Exhibitions
‘Under the pretext’, Center for Contemporary Art ‘Typography’, Krasnodar, Russia
‘Inside’, Tengri-Umai Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
‘Grasshopper was sitting in the grass’, Budapest ART factory, Budapest
‘Live’, an exhibition of one painting, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Inside’, HALAM Gallery, Voronezh, Russia
‘From memory’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
‘Blick on the Sun’, Gallery ‘Triumph’, Moscow, Russia
‘Manifestation’, Random Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Transparent relations’, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘The moment of disintegration’, Agency, Moscow, Russia
Group Exhibitions
Portrait Now!, Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Erarta’, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Promise of the landscape’, Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM, Perm, Russia
‘Earthing’, ‘GRUND’ project, Moscow, Russia
‘Carlson’, ‘Gallery on Solyanka’, Moscow, Russia
‘Magic’, Gallery ‘A3’, Moscow, Russia
‘Seals in the Arena’, Exhibition Hall ‘New Manege’, Moscow, Russia
15th anniversary of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition of nominees for Kandinsky Prize, Drummer, Moscow, Russia
‘Art Layer’, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Volgograd, Russia
‘Burlaki: between Europe and Asia’, ‘Factory-kitchen’, Samara, Russia
‘Size matters’, ‘Gallery on Peschanaya’, Moscow, Russia
Start in Art, Gallery ‘K35’, Moscow, Russia
‘Do not even dream’, RuArts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
HIGH-TOUCH, Sokol Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
‘Shumotron’, Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Erarta’, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Lucida Space’, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
‘The Last Arrival’, Z & L Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Sopromat with Yana Smurova, Artplay Design Center, Moscow, Russia
‘Archeology of Memory’ with Valentin Korzhov, Gogol Center, Moscow, Russia
‘Crossing’ with Maria Sharova and Dmitry Okruzhnov, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Inner Taiga’ with Oxana Simatov and Peter Goloschapov, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Open Innovations’, Media Forum, Crocus City, Moscow, Russia
‘The Wall’, Center for Contemporary Art ‘Winzavod’, Moscow Russia
‘Three days in October’, Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow, Russia
‘Riot of colors’, the Foundation of Konstantin Smirnov and Vladimir Sorokin, Moscow, Russia
‘Study of research’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
‘Transparent relations’, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Minimal distance’, ‘Art-perimeter’ site, Moscow, Russia
Portret Now !, Museum of Contemporary Art Erart Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘How are you?’, ‘The Eastern Gallery’, Moscow, Russia
‘The reverse side of things’, ‘Art-perimeter’, Moscow, Russia
Street-Museum-Street-2013, Samara, Russia
ANONIMUS, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia
‘Workshop 2012: Rejected Reality’, Artplay Design Center, Moscow, Russia
Checkpoint, Perm Living Perm Festival, Perm, Russia
Checkpoint, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
Strabag Award, Vienna, Austria
Checkpoint, Center for Creative Industries ‘Fabrika’, Moscow, Russia
‘Art Guslitsa’, Ilyinsky Pogost, Russia
‘Dormitory area. Open lesson ‘, National Center for Contemporary Arts in cooperation with School No. 109, Moscow, Russia
‘Farewell’, International Forum ‘Art and Reality’, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Distortion. Of the Earth ‘, Agency, Moscow, Russia
‘Workshop 2011: today and tomorrow’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
‘Impossible community’, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
‘Deformation’, ‘Eastern Gallery’, Moscow, Russia
‘Art and Reality’, International Forum, St. Petersburg
Checkpoint, Center for Creative Industries Fabrika, Moscow, Russia
Courier with Alexey Vasiliev, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Blackout’ with Valentin Weaver, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‘Checkpoint’, Festival ‘Live Perm’, Perm
‘Permanent presence’, together with Andrei Blazhnov, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Checkpoint2, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Not a step back’, Gallery of Julia and Marat Gelmanov, Moscow, Russia
‘Archstoyanie 2010’, Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region, Russia
‘By contradiction’, Center for Contemporary Art ‘Winzavod’, Moscow, Russia
‘Sleeping area: school stop’, School No. 45, Moscow, Russia
3rd competition of young artists, Anna Nova Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009, International Painting Competition, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
International Festival ‘Traditions and Modernity’, Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, Moscow, Russia
Art Fairs
KIAF (2015)
ART MIAMI (2015)
ART BUSAN (2015)
ART MOSCOW (2013, 2012, 2010)
The Baltic Biennale
European Biennale of Contemporary Art ‘Manifesto10’, ‘Not a museum. Laboratory of Aesthetic Suspicion, Parallel Program, St. Petersburg, Russia
‘Reason for Peace’, Museum of Street Art, Parallel Program, St. Petersburg, Russia
5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
‘Nothing of the sort’, Special Project, Moscow Museum, Moscow, Russia
‘Traditions and modernity. Symbolic realism ‘, Special project,’ Art Guslitsa ‘, Moscow region, Russia
‘UCHRONI’, Special project, Shchusev Museum, ‘Ruina’ outhouse, Moscow, Russia
Shiryaev Biennale of Contemporary Art
Shiryaev Biennale of Contemporary Art
9th Krasnoyarsk Biennale of Museums
Rostov Biennale of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, Poland / Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia / Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia / PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia / Sergei Kuryokhin, St. Petersburg, Russia / Contemporary Arts Fund of K. Sorokin and V. Smirnov
Publications and Reviews
Publications in the media
‘Witness of fading’, Newspaper ‘Kommersant’ № 35 from 01.03.2014, page 4
‘Volgogradskaya Pravda’, 14.02.2014
‘Vladimir Potapov:’ Fixing the accumulated, not the advance on future achievements ‘,
‘Vladimir Potapov:’ Good painting is always a redundant message ‘,
‘Painting is alive Artist Vladimir Potapov about whether it is possible to be a modern artist with a brush in his hands’, WOS
‘Memory as an organized and orderly oblivion’, Kommersant
‘Vladimir Potapov:’ Primary - only artistic, ‘Colta
‘Artist Vladimir Potapov: Modern painting needs revision’, South
‘Memory to order In the halls of the Moscow International Chamber of Commerce on Tverskoy Boulevard there is an exhibition about banks in our perception of history’, Novaya Gazeta
‘Talent: Artist Vladimir Potapov’, Geometry
‘The artist is unkind to think about money ...’ - an interview with the artist Vladimir Potapov, ‘2queens
‘Unusual works of Volgograd, dedicated to the tragic acts of terrorism, are exhibited in Moscow’, Volgograd truth
‘Pictures without a frame and canvas’, Volgogradskaya truth
‘Pigment painting by Vladimir Potapov’, Art-asorty
‘Virtual Street Art by Potapov Vladimir, LookAtMe
‘Transparent relations’ and ‘Ordinary things’ through the eyes of artists of Russia and Colombia ‘, Russia
‘Vladimir Potapov. Fountain of Barmales ‘, ArtUzel
‘Vladimir Potapov, the author of the project’ Yurt ‘:’ I was bribed by the reaction of the residents of the house to my work ‘, Radiotochka
‘3D painting by Vladimir Potapov’, Art.veranda
‘Personal relations in our sovriske are always decisive in achieving results!’, BeInArt
‘Suddenly painting’, Art magazine
‘Resuscitation of painting’, New perspective
‘An exhibition of paintings on message boards was opened in Voronezh Gallery’ HLAM ‘, Vesti, Voronezh
‘Exhibition of the Moscow artist Vladimir Potapov’ Inside ‘, AlmatyLife
‘Closing of the exhibition’ Three days in October ‘: who is afraid of the truth of history?’, ‘Echo of Moscow’ radio station
‘Conversation with the artist Meeting first. Painting ‘,
‘Spatial painting of Vladimir Potapov’, Leisure.MD
‘Spatial painting of Potapov Vladimir’, LookAtMe
‘Contactless pigmented painting. Vladimir Potapov ‘, Drawing
‘Spatial Painting of the Artist Vladimir Potapov’, ARTon
‘2016.10.20. The exhibition of Vladimir Potapov ‘Under the pretext’ and his lecture ‘Painting: Revision and New Foundations’ in the Central Printing House ‘Typography’ (Krasnodar) ‘, Sphere
‘Spatial painting of Vladimir Potapov’, ReActor
‘Spatial painting of Vladimir Potapov’, Novate
‘Spatial painting of Vladimir Potapov’,
‘Spatial painting of Vladimir Potapov’, Rusevik
‘In the Voronezh gallery’ HAMAM ‘investigate’ anti-painting ‘, Gorkom
‘Artist Vladimir Potapov’, ArtArchiv
Nominees of the Kandinsky Prize (2014)
Nominees of the award. Kuryokhin (2016)
Personal exhibition ‘Transparent relations’ (2012)
Personal exhibition ‘Blick in the sun’ (2015)
Shiryaev Biennale (2011)
Shiryaev Biennale (2013)
Manifesto 10 (2014)
The Rostov Biennale (2010)
Baltic Biennale (2016)
Exhibition ‘Expansion of space’, HPP-2, Moscow, Russia (2015)
‘There is no time’, Center for the Performing Arts ‘WINZAVOD’, Moscow, Russia (2010)
‘From the opposite,’ (2010)
Actual Russia: Habitat, Museum of Contemporary Russian History (2016)
‘Realism of the XXI century’, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (2015)
‘There is no time’, CIC WINZAVOD, Moscow, Russia (2015)
‘TRANSMISSION - Young Leipzig Artists in Moscow’, ‘Triumph’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia (2015)
‘ArtLayer’ Festival of Contemporary Art, Volgograd (2014)
‘Lucida Space’, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (2014)
‘Nothing of the sort’, special project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (2014)
ANONIMUS, Museum of Modern Art PERMM, Perm (2014)
‘The 9th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale’ In the Depth ‘, Krasnoyarsk (2013)

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