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25 August 2019
The Middle Volga branch of the NCCA

The Middle Volga branch of the NCCA

The Middle Volga branch of the national centre for contemporary arts (NCCA) was established in 2014. In 2016 the branch was part of the State Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSIZO. The key notions for the concept of the new museum and exhibition centre - Factory and Kitchen - were immediately applicable for the modern creative process.

The Kitchen was considered as a laboratory process, an intellectual, scientific and discussion platform. Factory is an industrial universal platform where ideas, artworks, exhibitions, projects get a real image.

The NCCA contributes to the process of promoting cultural policy in the region, uncovering and shaping a geopolitical potential of the territory.    

Official site
Year of foundation
Samara, Novo-Sadovaya street, b. 149

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