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18 August 2019
The left wing of the Gogol house

The left wing of the Gogol house

The permanent exhibition of the museum spans the suite of rooms on the first floor in the main house of the mansion. There is a key object attracting attention in every room which was transformed into a symbolic installation, expressing the accent of the room: ‘a box of wanderings’ in the hallway, a fireplace in the living room, a desk in the study, a chair in ‘Inspector’ room, a posthumous Gogol mask in the memorial room.

The scientific concept of museum permanent exhibition was encapsulated by the artist L.V. Ozernikov. Extending museum space by using modern technical means allows to create a powerful presence in the world of Gogol’s characters. The museum encompasses authentic historical objects and artworks belonging to N. Gogol. New, extended and enriched permanent museum exhibition was open on March 27, 2009 to mark the 200th anniversary of the writer. The Gogol House gives an opportunity to satisfy spiritual, intellectual and information needs of all categories of museum visitors.

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Moscow, Nikitsky boulevard, b. 7A

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