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26 August 2019
Ural Vision Gallery

Ural Vision Gallery

Founded in 2009, the gallery successfully established itself in the art market under the name Art Slovar. Since 2012 the project changed its concept and entered the world’s art market under the new name – Ural Vision Gallery (UVG).

UVG Gallery is mainly focused on exhibitions and sales of contemporary artworks.  In 2015 the gallery opened a new space in Budapest which showcased the projects ‘The strictness and the beauty,’  a solo exhibition of Olga Tobreluts ‘New mythology,’ curated by  Arkady Ippolitov, and the project ‘Absolute beauty. Postscriptum,’ on the occasion of the exhibition closing at the Ludwig Museum.

Ural Vision Gallery presents contemporary art in Russian and international markets, participates in international art fairs, for instance, Art Paris Art fair (2013), Art Moscow (2013), Vienna Contemporary, Art Bologna, Art Vilnius (2014), Art Market Budapest, Cosmoscow (2016).

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