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23 August 2019
ММОМА, Ermolaevsky lane, 17

ММОМА, Ermolaevsky lane, 17

The first state museum in Russia which is entirely focused on the art of the XX and XXI centuries. It hosted the shows of Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Victor Pivovarov, Valery Chtak, as well as Joseph Beuys, Stephan Balkenhol, among many others.

The museum was founded in 1999 with the support from the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture of Moscow. The founding member and the museum director is Zurab Tsereteli, the President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. His personal collection, featuring more than 2000 artworks by famous artists of the XX century, paved the way for the museum holdings.

Later the museum's holdings were significantly expanded, and today it is one of the most impressive collections of the Russian art of the XX century. The museum has four sites in the Moscow centre. The main building which houses the permanent collection and hosts temporary shows, is located in Petrovka street, in the former mansion of the merchant Gubin.

Apart from this, the museum has three exhibition spaces: a five-story building in Ermolaevsky lane near Patriarch's Ponds, a spacious gallery on Tverskoy Boulevard and a historical building of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts on Gogolevsky Boulevard.
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г. Москва, Ермолаевский переулок 17

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