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18 August 2019
K35 Gallery

K35 Gallery

K35 Gallery opened to the public in December 2008. The gallery is mainly focused on hosting exhibitions of established international and Russian artists of XX century and young modern artists. K35 Gallery hosts the shows of the world’s best-known artists and photographers of XX century and modernity – Andy Warhol, Mark Quinn, Oleg Zelkov, Omar Galliani, Sam Show, Günter Brus, as well as emerging artists – Ja’bagh Kaghado, Vladimir Mazkevich, Igor Ilchuk, Marina Fedorova and others. Apart from this, K35 gallery regularly hosts the projects outside exhibition space, In museums and artistic venues of Russia and the world (for instance, in Spazio Mazzotta in Milano, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in Venice, The State Historical Museum in Moscow). 
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Moscow, Bolshoy Savvinsky lane, building 12, b. 6

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