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23 August 2019
Photodepartament Gallery

Photodepartament Gallery

Photodepartament Gallery opened to the public in April 2008 in St. Petersburg. Apart from the gallery, Photodepartment Gallery features the gallery and the library. It started working in Autumn 2006 after the opening of the Information Centre of Photography in Nevsky prospect, 20, jointly with the Public Library and Information cultural centre for arts and music n.a. V. Mayakovsky.

Photodepartament was established by a curator and a photographer Olga Korsunova, a photo critic and an art manager Nadezhda Sheremetova and an art historian Elena Zyryanova, who were previously actively involved in the work of ‘St. Petersburg workshops’ and the State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO.

Official site
Year of foundation
Saint Petersburg, Vosstaniya street, b. 24

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