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23 September 2019
Gallery 21

Gallery 21

Gallery 21, founded by Ksenia Podoynitsyna in 2010, presented over 45 exhibitions throughout 7 years, including 6 international projects. Collaborating with the most actual contemporary artists, the gallery is focused towards the art of the future, offering new opportunities for the Russian market of contemporary art.

The art of the future goes away from the standard visual images to the sphere of semantic effects, giving the artwork a special meaning.  Setting a research and artistic goal, Gallery 21 introduces the world’s community with the Russian contemporary art, promoting Russian artists abroad. Integrating different artists from the world’s art community encouraging building diverse connections between the participants of the Russian art scene and foreign artists (including European, American artists, artists from the Middle East and Central Asia).





C 2015 the gallery expands beyond its format, collaborating with art institutions both in Russia and abroad, organizing exhibitions, discussions and workshops. 

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Ksenia Podoinitsyna
4th Syromyatnichesky side-street, b.1 building 6

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