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23 August 2019
Agency Art Ru

Agency Art Ru

‘Agency. Art Ru’ was founded in 2010. An exhibition hall  in Radio Street at first, in six months it became another venue in Ozerkovskaya embankment.

The agency works with a pool of artists, both established artists – the classics of the Russian contemporary art - and young emerging artists. They include Anton Olshwang, Evgeny Gorokhovsky, Grigory Mayofis, Marina Kastalskaya, Natalya Sitnikova, Dmitry Gutov, Egor Koshelev, Mikhail Kulakov, Dmitry Kavarga, Naftaly Rakuzin, Konstantin Zvezdochetov and other artists, working in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, as well as abroad. In its own turn, ‘Agency. Art Ru’ serves as a focal point for creative solutions, creating a continuous dynamic network of artistic projects. The artworks of the Agency artists are showcased in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern art, New York Museum of Modern Art and other museum collections. 

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Moscow, Ozerkovskaya embankment, b. 26

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