Галимзянова Диана


  • 2018-2020 Baza Institute.
  • 2006-2008 Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Выбранная фильмография
  • Murder Girl. A true story (Short).

  • Akramrya (Documentary short).
  • The Perfect Life of a Perfect Couple in a Perfect House: Season 42 (Short).

  • The Lightest Darkness (feature).

  • Minotauress (Short).

  • Imaginary Fiend (Short).

  • February 28 (Short).

Персональные выставки
  • No Future, Bomba Gallery, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.

Выбранные групповые выставки
  • No person, no problem, Bomba Gallery, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
  • The Wrong Biennale, online, worldwide - curator.

  • Blazar Young Art Fair, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia.
  • Conflict Check, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
  • Everything will pass and be forgotten, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
  • Alterglobalism, Belyaevo Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • Opyonika: The First Exhibition, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.

  • Me, Art Weekend, Sklad 17, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • ТемператYRA 2.0, Elektrozavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • Parallel Data, Gallery Bogorodskoye, Moscow, Russia.
  • Alternative Reality, Nochlezhka, Moscow, Russia.
  • A secret shaped like an ear, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
  • Open Museum, Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia.

  • Point of assembly, Na Peschanoy Gallery, the parallel program of 8th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
  • The Wrong Biennale, online, worldwide.
  • Tretyakov Prize, Cci Fabrika, Moscow, Russia.
  • Dismorphophobia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
  • Days of Contemporary Art, IGUMO, Moscow, Russia.
  • Mutatio, Argunovka Library, Moscow, Russia.
  • Fem-Rhizome, Mitino Cultural center, Moscow, Russia.
  • #ПРОСТОКОСМОС, NCCA Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Russia.

  • Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale, Gol(NO), Wroclaw(PL), Amsterdam(NL), Valencia(ES), Düsseldorf (GE).
  • Present Perfect Continuous, Zverev Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia.
  • The Second Water, Shalash Art Space, Moscow, Russia.
  • Ancient and New Scriptures, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome, Italy.
  • Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece.
  • ARTLihoradka, Squat ¾, Moscow, Russia.
  • The Cube Art Project, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
  • Insight, Astley Hall, Chorley, UK.
  • Deep Trash Romance, Working Men’s Club, London, UK.
  • Colourful Chaos, FluxKUNST, The Laundry Artspace, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Recollection, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, USA
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